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5 Keys to Money Management after Divorce

5 Keys to Money Management after Divorce

To say that divorce is hard on the finances is an understatement, I know.   I mean, the divorce settlement process itself is enough to make you scream. I was handing out thousands in attorneys’ fees, hers and mine, and we weren’t even…

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Sometimes I Do What I Want to Do

September 04, 2010   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit, Career, Finances, Lifestyle

There are quotes in certain movies that just strike me right between the eyes, right there while I’m listening and I never forget them.    One of my favorite movies, one that I watch at least two to three times a year, is Gladiator, released in 2000.  Recall that Maximus, a general of one of the Roman armies of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, played by Russell Crowe, is asked to assume…

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