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Single, Midlife, and Self-sufficient

August 17, 2011   •   Posted under: Relationships

On my recent trip to Ukraine, one of the ladies I met made an observation that she wanted me to respond to, and one I thought reflected good insight on her part.  She said something like “You seem like a man who does just fine living alone.  Am I right?”  Her question really was about why I was looking for a wife when I appear to be doing just fine alone.  Good question.…

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But She Has a Twelve-Year Old

March 12, 2011   •   Posted under: Lifestyle, Relationships

I see my prospects box is empty….again.  You know the tab, the one that contains the women who match your search criteria – how many mile radius, age, how big they are or aren’t, you know what I mean.  Well, for the umpteenth hundred wasted dollars over the past few years, it’s empty again.  I’ve deleted them all – over 5600 to date. …

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By Jon

Hairy Relationships

February 20, 2011   •   Posted under: Relationships

A local radio station which just happens to be ‘my friend’ on Facebook posed a highly controversial question yesterday.   “Apparently, after 14 months together, we begin to take our partners for granted and let ourselves go.  Girls ditch the makeup and guys walk around the house in track bottoms scratching their crotch area. So what things do you do now that you didn’t…

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Single and the Tale of the Two Minds

February 05, 2011   •   Posted under: Mind, Lifestyle, Relationships

I’ve been single again now for, what, four years.  Wow!  Just typing that startled me a bit.  That much time has passed already?    Anyhow, I’ve caught myself thinking these days about my life.  Actually, I do that nearly constantly as a matter of routine.  But in particular I’ve noticed that when I come to the end of a work week and realize that…

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Good at Pursuit, Crappy at Maintenance

January 21, 2011   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit, Relationships

There must be something in the male wiring that makes us downright amazing at pursuing what we want.    We will expend every waking hour and borrow against sleep time to get what we think we want.  I’d say that is an admirable trait.  Let’s take a moment, men, and pat ourselves on the back, being careful not to strain something in the process.   Now, let’s…

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Absolutely Necessary for Me to Leave

January 13, 2011   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit, Lifestyle, Relationships

In the 1998 movie You’ve Got Mail, Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) is walking with Kevin (Dave Chappelle) on his way to a first date with Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan).     He doesn’t know at that point that that is who is going to meet. It was an anonymous online relationship up to that point.  Joe is nervously excited about the prospect, yet apprehensive.  Kevin seeks to calm…

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