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You happen to be browsing around a grand experiment that seeks to be a landing pad for many midlife males who are looking to confirm, refine, even re-define, themselves for this next stage of life.

Perhaps you are one of them, or know someone who is...


Some days you wonder if you’re just an ‘old bull’ relegated to the fringe of a life that is just passing you by, even ignoring you altogether as if you were no longer relevant. Then there are other days when you feel like a kid in candy store with so many wonderful choices before you so as to be a bit overwhelmed!

We know a bit about that struggle.


Like you, we've made a number of significant transitions in life already but few can compare to the stress, and yes, at times, bewilderment, this particular transition brought. This site is really about you and me and the millions like us around the world who find ourselves moving into, even beyond, this stage called midlife and charting our course for the future – a stage that has its special joys and challenges.

We set out to do three things here at 4060men:

  1. Provide you relevant and engaging information about this life we’re living.
  2. Season your day with a little dose of humor that will bring a smile to your face, regardless of the day you’ve had.
  3. Encourage you to visit us often as we update and extend our content offerings.

Oh, and one more thing. 4060men.com is structured around the belief that a satisfying and prosperous life is one where we attend to the many facets that make up our lives.


Take a moment to look at what we mean by this. Check out Eight Streams of the Mid Life Male.


Again, thanks for stopping by. We look forward to meeting you here often.



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