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End of Summer

December 03, 2016   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit, Lifestyle

I seem to be one of those types who is always burning the candle at both ends. I have a job that has its own demands, plus additional jobs to fill in any spaces left in the life.   To make matters worse, I’m easily distracted which makes me painfully inefficient. That’s a conversation for another day – don’t want to get distracted here.   It’s hard for me to…

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I’m No Prince: Reflections on Being Average

April 24, 2016   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit, Lifestyle

I’m just an average guy. I haven’t accomplished anything particularly memorable, nor does it appear anything along this line is going to emerge anytime soon.    A recent quote from an interview on the late artist Prince reminded me again that exceptional performances require exceptional commitments. And average performances don’t.    "He did his homework. He created,…

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How Much of Life Will You Exchange for It?

December 19, 2015   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit, Career, Lifestyle

I suppose the first question to be answered is what the “it” is in the title. I can say that the it varies from person to person and is determined by our life circumstances, to some degree. Thoreau is quoted as saying that “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”   No. I’m not hanging around on this rainy day reading Thoreau, but I do appreciate…

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Not Every Man Really Lives

October 18, 2015   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit, Lifestyle

I find myself thinking more and more about what kind of life I want to be living. Perhaps it is due to my age and the speed by which the years continue to fly by. It seems like I’m only living about one out of every three years that go by on the calendar. I often find myself referencing an event as happening a year or two ago that actually happened five years ago. You know what I mean. What happened…

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Second Chances

July 24, 2015   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit, Career, Finances, Relationships

It is clearly past time to put my pinkies to the keyboard for 4060men. I see by the date of the last post that it has been over two years since I’ve written here. In fact, I feel a little bit like Neo from the Matrix when he enters the dingy dark room to meet Morpheus for the first time. Remember? Red pill or blue pill. Was definitely not an uplifting environment for a life-changing decision.…

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Beyond My Comfort Zone

May 10, 2013   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit

One of the great things about being single, an adult, and being independent in so many ways is that I don’t have to do much I don’t want to do.  The flip side of that is that I can do what I want to do, more or less.  That is both a great enabling thing and a terribly debilitating thing.   As midlife men, single midlife men at that, it can be more debilitating than enabling,…

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