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Dominican Republic III: Santo Domingo and Boca Chica

January 12, 2017   •   Posted under: Finances, Lifestyle, Community

Well, the time has come to wrap up our review of the last leg of our trip. It has been a brief but good introduction to the Dominican Republic, an up and coming expat destination. We've dropped in on the Puerto Plata and Samana (Las Terrenas) areas of the north coast (Atlantic Ocean) and have returned to the south coast (Caribbean Sea) to end this introductory visit. It's been an interesting three…

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Dominican Republic: Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete

December 31, 2016   •   Posted under: Finances, Lifestyle, Community

While our itinerary is more or less set for this three-week adventure, I wanted to give you a glimpse of my impressions of the Dominican Republic visit. Since we’re in the first half of the trip, we’ll look at part of the north coast today. Specifically, I’ll focus mostly on Sosua, a town of around 50,000 people. It is down the road some 20-30 minutes from Puerto Plata, a more sizable…

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Working Out My Plan B

August 07, 2016   •   Posted under: Mind, Finances, Lifestyle, Relationships, Community

My wife and I spent three weeks in Panama this summer. Last summer we did the same in Ecuador. And in January, we squeezed in over a week in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Each was a great visit for us, but in different ways. Investigating warmer environments has been on our agenda as we seek to identify prospective second residences before retirement.   I should make clear that retirement for me is really…

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One Long Road Cut Short

August 22, 2015   •   Posted under: Mind, Finances, Lifestyle, Relationships

Recently I was reminded that my thinking about life may need adjustment, especially when it comes to my assumptions about how many years I have left on this earth. For the most part, I charge into things more or less like I did 20 or 30 years ago. While I’m more selective as to what kinds of things I’ll charge into, the basic M.O. seems the same. So, what’s the problem with that?…

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Second Chances

July 24, 2015   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit, Career, Finances, Relationships

It is clearly past time to put my pinkies to the keyboard for 4060men. I see by the date of the last post that it has been over two years since I’ve written here. In fact, I feel a little bit like Neo from the Matrix when he enters the dingy dark room to meet Morpheus for the first time. Remember? Red pill or blue pill. Was definitely not an uplifting environment for a life-changing decision.…

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May 08, 2011   •   Posted under: Finances

After joining modern life a year or three back through upgrading my ‘connectivity’ via smart phone plans and HD cable subscriptions, I’m going back to my cave.  Call me a Luddite, I don’t care.    As a midlife man with way too many things going on at this point, the cost of connectivity was simply getting too high for my taste.  That cost was more than the…

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