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Ask Me About My Colonoscopy

March 21, 2011   •   Posted under: Body

When burying people up to their necks in sand and releasing ants to crawl all over their heads became passe, someone invented the colonoscopy.     Colonoscopies are especially important for people over the age of 50 because it provides us with the need for something that no one ever told us about and which can’t be spelled anyway.  And like childbirth, scary stories circulate about…

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Living Non-Seasonally Adjusted

February 17, 2011   •   Posted under: Body

I have decided that I want to be seasonally adjusted.  Yes, I’ve thought about it and I think it will help me feel and look better.  Now I’m not sure how it can be done, but I think it will help keep things in perspective.   I work with economic data a good part of my day job. You know employment numbers, retail sales, housing starts, home sales, and the like.  One interesting…

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You Should Have Stayed Married

December 19, 2010   •   Posted under: Mind, Body, Spirit, Lifestyle, Relationships

From the title of this blog it probably sounds like this will be about the evils of divorce, its social costs, and end in some blathering on personal regrets.    It’s not.  While I certainly could do this, as there is plenty to say along these lines, this blog is actually about the opposite.   Here’s the deal.  I’ve been divorced now, what, some four plus…

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