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By Noser

Why Russian Women Seek Western Husbands

August 26, 2011   •   Posted under: Relationships

In today’s short entry, I focus on one simple question: Why does a Russian woman seek a foreign husband?  I will focus on one of many possible responses to this question today and do so in a sort of back-door manner - I’m going to talk about Russian men.   When I use the word ‘Russian’, I include people from Russia, of course, but also those from Ukraine, Moldova,…

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By Noser

Dating Foreign Women: A Difference of Perspective

August 03, 2011   •   Posted under: Relationships

My name is Olga.  I live in Ukraine.  I have served in the role of translator/interpreter for Western men seeking to meet Ukrainian or Russian women.  In the process over the years, I have observed a number of things about these encounters, some good and some not so good.  I would like to talk about some of these observations here on 4060men.  Today, I’ll talk about…

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Rethinking Friendship

April 30, 2011   •   Posted under: Relationships

The hardest thing to do in life is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.   When there’s an argument or some discord between two people it's so hard for either side to look at the situation from the other’s perspective.   Forgiveness is also hard to deal with when a rift is raised between friends. Seeing the others point is extremely hard when our eyes and souls are…

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By Dave


April 11, 2011   •   Posted under: Mind, Spirit

As I ride to work on the busWatching the people of the cityI see many who are in a rushAnd some just standing, looking prettyI marvel at the varietyAnd count the stories that could be toldBy the spread of this humanityFrom young & bold to broken & oldAs I watch, I’m feeling all aloneAnd I wonder why I’m so tiredTo the very brink I feel I’ve grownIn the mud of life, I’ve…

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By Renee

Ask Me About My Colonoscopy

March 21, 2011   •   Posted under: Body

When burying people up to their necks in sand and releasing ants to crawl all over their heads became passe, someone invented the colonoscopy.     Colonoscopies are especially important for people over the age of 50 because it provides us with the need for something that no one ever told us about and which can’t be spelled anyway.  And like childbirth, scary stories circulate about…

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By Jon

Hairy Relationships

February 20, 2011   •   Posted under: Relationships

A local radio station which just happens to be ‘my friend’ on Facebook posed a highly controversial question yesterday.   “Apparently, after 14 months together, we begin to take our partners for granted and let ourselves go.  Girls ditch the makeup and guys walk around the house in track bottoms scratching their crotch area. So what things do you do now that you didn’t…

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By Logan

Years Apart, Inches Away

January 30, 2011   •   Posted under: Relationships

The basic thing to remember is to compromise. If you are living in a household with two strong-willed individuals like I do, then there has to be compromise.    It also helps to remember the principle that the one who “pays is the one who plays.”   My name is Logan.  I am 24 years old and have recently moved back in with my father while attending the local university.…

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