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Second Chances

July 24, 2015   •   By Master Hobbit

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Second Chances

It is clearly past time to put my pinkies to the keyboard for 4060men. I see by the date of the last post that it has been over two years since I’ve written here. In fact, I feel a little bit like Neo from the Matrix when he enters the dingy dark room to meet Morpheus for the first time. Remember? Red pill or blue pill. Was definitely not an uplifting environment for a life-changing decision. Yet, he made one and his life changed forever.


As I look around this neglected website, posting a new entry might just be my red pill moment. Yet, I’m going to paint today the equivalent of one wall in one room in this big house and somehow hope that it will redeem the whole place. It won’t of course, but I’ll write anyway. Painting one wall could be a first step to restoring the whole house to a livable condition – perhaps even better than it was before. Red pill or blue pill?


If I take the blue pill, I can leave this dumpy place and go back to what I was doing for the past two-plus years – living life in a different house. I think I’ll take the red pill, again, and see where the rabbit hole leads this time. I could paint one wall and then perhaps another, and another, and just maybe, we’ll have a renewal of sorts, a redemption of the old, even a resurrection from the grave yard of websites!


We’ll call it a second chance. Second chances seem good. After all, I certainly have benefited from second chances over the years. Many of them. Even third chances. Well, and fourth chances.


So, here’s the story. Today I choose the red pill – again. I’ll paint this one wall today. And I’ve already redesigned the entire house renovation and am requesting bids for doing the job. So, maybe, just maybe we’ll have a better house the second time around.


Second chances. Another chance at life, whether that “life” be a house, a website or a person.


Did I tell you I remarried three years ago? Second chances. They can be wonderful. They can also be disastrous. Fortunately, I can claim the wonderful on this one. That’s usually been my experience on second chances.


Perhaps it’s because one rethinks his actions, reflects on his journey, commits to better thinking or better actions, and just maybe, maybe, he’s ready for the second chance, he’s in a different place as a person. He’s ready to do it right or better this time. And then does it.


So, second chances seem necessary to doing better in life, to moving forward, to being a better person.


A couple of years ago, it was me that got a second chance with a life partner. She’s fantastic, by the way. In the coming weeks, it will be this website that will get a new look and life. It’ll be fantastic.


There ought to be more of them in life. And go ahead, take the red pill – and, Alice, see where the rabbit hole goes this time.

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