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Hairy Relationships

February 20, 2011   •   By Jon

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Hairy Relationships

A local radio station which just happens to be ‘my friend’ on Facebook posed a highly controversial question yesterday.


“Apparently, after 14 months together, we begin to take our partners for granted and let ourselves go.  Girls ditch the makeup and guys walk around the house in track bottoms scratching their crotch area. So what things do you do now that you didn’t do at the start?” 


There were endless replies from bored people such as myself or just your regular Facebook addicts...again such as myself. So the parade of people voicing their witty replies with statements meant for controversy or laughter trickled on for hours.



Peeing with the bathroom door open

Don’t shave legs

Never wear makeup

Break wind (love that term!)


All fine examples of your typical human being and not the attractive sleek model of a human that you would fantasize about...just common animalistic behaviour.


The point that disturbs me the most, is the pride these ‘hitched’ individuals felt with their blatant bad relationship behaviour. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate comfortable relationships where each person fully accepts the other in every way. But is it really necessary to just be lazy, because you are in love?


Which leads us to my response to the FB question: “...I never let myself go...that’s why partners go and cheat...ha...nothing attractive at home!”


I must have really hit a button with these ‘real’ people, as I got direct messages back putting me in my place on what a cheat is! ‘That a cheat is a cheat and a girl shouldn’t have to wear makeup to keep her man. And that he was never with you for the right reason anyway’...funny as I didn’t mention makeup at any point...?


Since I had obviously started some type of war, I did feel the need to stand my ground and fired back a more simple answer that these opinionated individuals could understand...


‘Cheating, divorce and breaking up....why not if there is some other chick who could bother shaving her legs or look like she takes pride in herself!? No one wants to be with a loser....relationships take effort... putting in some effort...’


There was less resistance to this comment and in fact I gathered a couple cheerleaders. Did I really make my point or do they just think I am too far gone into the side of vanity?


I think taking pride in oneself is the key to a successful relationship and find nothing shameful about shaving my legs or brushing my hair to look good ….every day.


 Is that a relationship crime?


Or am I just a genius?  I guess time will tell...

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