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Google Made Me Do It

April 23, 2011   •   By Master Hobbit

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Google Made Me Do It

Single midlife men are first single, in midlife, and are, well, men, as in male men.  That’s different than mailmen or female men…. I think.  Anyhow, 4060men is attempting to speak primarily to midlife men who are not married, hence they’re single.


It is a shame that to write on interesting subjects in an interesting way you have to write in a manner that Google approves of.  I frankly resent that.  It’s like another task master, and believe me I have got plenty of them already.  Seems there is some ‘golden mean’ operating – cast off one task master and magically you find you have attached yourself to another.  Why can’t I not have one?


Anyhow, if you want your website to be found by search engines you are supposed to be mindful of this nice sounding acronym, SEO.  Yes, SEO.  Not unlike CEO in sound. One might be tempted to say it is in reference to Senior Executive Officer or some such.  It’s not.  It’s about Search Engine Optimization.  Now that will get you excited to be a part of 4060men, which in case you forgot is a site targeted toward single, midlife men, or in the singular form, the single midlife man.


Google will periodically 'crawl' your website to see what it is all about, what its focus is as to content and thus, audience.  If you use a common set of keywords regularly, Google might grace your site with a ranking that will show up on page one of your search.  Well, woe unto sites that have lots of different stuff but no focus.  You become a fire hydrant in a dog pound.  Great stuff but nobody knows, and you're not treated nicely in the internet world.  


So, since 4060men is geared toward single midlife men, I need to use phrase judiciously sprinkled throughout my content in order for the demented Google 'crawler' to detect and record our glorious location for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE AND COME VISIT US!!!!  Sorry, got excited.


I say again for those of you who stumbled onto this site after just getting in from being on the town until just a few moments ago.  This site is geared toward single, midlife men.


Now most of these men would also be characterized as baby boomers, or boomers, and in this specific case, baby boomer men. These would be men who were born between 1949 and 1964.  These single, midlife, baby-boomer men would tend to face issues related to they being of middle age and becoming aware that life is zipping by and as a result become a bit anxious about what they are doing with their lives.  Has the makings of a Greek tragedy.


Let’s see now, what have we here?  We have middle-aged, midlife, baby-boomer men who are single that become more aware that mortality isn’t merely a philosophical concept but a personal one.  There is a sort of transition taking place, or perhaps better said, a transition that needs to take place as we move to the latter half of our lives.


To update, then, we could say that 4060men exists to talk about that midlife transition to those men who are middle-aged, at midlife, probably baby-boomers, and single.


This concludes and makes clear our purpose here on 4060men.  This should be Google approved.  Then again, Google may punish you in rankings if they think you are placing words on the site just to manipulate rankings.  I figure that since I’m at the bottom of the rankings already, they can’t hurt me.  I could be wrong.


In any case, I wrote this drivel only because Google made me do it.  Long live SEO!

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