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End of Summer

December 03, 2016   •   By Master Hobbit

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End of Summer

I seem to be one of those types who is always burning the candle at both ends. I have a job that has its own demands, plus additional jobs to fill in any spaces left in the life.


To make matters worse, I’m easily distracted which makes me painfully inefficient. That’s a conversation for another day – don’t want to get distracted here.


It’s hard for me to imagine sitting around day after day doing nothing. I don’t play golf or tennis. Even my idea of retirement is more about changing what I do versus doing nothing. Now that I think about it, it’s not about retiring at all.


Anyhow… the net result of these this-n-thats is that I’m often behind on getting things done that I’d like to – like writing this article. I see I had an article title, End of Summer, waiting for me to put words to months ago. That never happened. While summer is now gone, so too is autumn. It was to be an article reflecting on the end of a pleasant phase or season and the entry of another of a different but lower character, ultimately moving toward winter.


Now, it will just be an occasion to think again about how good that fresh, sweet watermelon was then, and how it tasted with the salted, ...buttery... sweet corn...and... and that grilled steak. Um, lightly seasoned... cooked to medium... Yep, I miss that already.


As we’re about to have an abrupt end to an unusually pleasant autumn and drop quickly into winter over the next few days, the conversation changes from a sigh for summer’s close, along with the abundance of the produce of summer such as that watermelon and sweet corn, to a moan that comes with having to reckon with the blast of winter.


These changes of season more subtly remind me of the passage of time, while the change of calendars is more like a slap in the face. It seems I’m always surprised by the end of another year.


The transition from one season to the other seems more like a metronome calling out a hypnotic metric that paces day-to-day existence. The change of calendars, then, must be the cymbals clashing at the end of a slow, progressive crescendo – a bit startling every time it happens, even if I know it’s going to.


Winter keeps me focused on locating a warmer Caribbean or Pacific location to park. Dominican Republic is in our sights to explore next. Already booked.


A bit more daydreaming… before the cymbals crash.


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