Trap Questions… Don’t Go There!

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Trap Questions… Don’t Go There!

Women may argue until the end of time that they do not like drama. However, when it comes to some of the questions that they ask men, you got to wonder!


You know you’ve heard it before. Questions such as “Does my butt look big in these jeans?” or “Do you think that she is prettier than me?” are just a couple of examples. If you are around a woman long enough, inevitably questions similar to these will get asked. How are you supposed to answer these questions?


Basically speaking, women are just wired differently than men are. They think a different way and one of those differences is the desire to know what we men are thinking. It is best that you know in advance some of the best ways to deal with these questions in a way that will affirm her as a special woman. It is less about information but affirmation. And, yes, sincere responses that affirm her are important.

  1. What are you thinking right now? This is one of the most common questions that keep coming up to the dread of many guys. Because women just love to know what is going on in your mind, they simply cannot stop themselves from asking this question - often. Some responses to this question might be “How wonderful my life has been since I’ve met you” or “Just wondering how tomorrow can be better than today.” Wowser! Ok, cheesy is not allowed, but sincere words that affirm her unique place in your life at the moment is hopefully what you feel and can communicate.
  2. Is that girl over there prettier than me? Unfortunately, this is a question that should be easy for guys to answer when they’re out on a date. The answer should be a big, fat ‘NO’! However, the question itself leads many guys to stutter as if they are amazed that the gal is even asking. Know the answer ahead of time and be quick to tell her of course not, and that she is clearly the gal who has caught your eye!
  3. Does this outfit make me look fat? Yes, guys, this does seem like a question that most women wouldn’t even want to ask. However, they do, and for the most part they are seeking affirmation or approval. Be prepared to tell her that you are somewhat shocked she would even ask as you keep thinking how amazing she looks. Or tell her that no matter what she wears, it always works. Uh, guys, helps to put real feeling behind the words! Don’t use cue cards. They could get the idea that you just might not be all that sincere.

While dating is hard enough as it is, not having the answers to some of the trap questions that women ask makes things more difficult on a whole other level. Stay on your toes and know what you need to say when these tough questions come up. Guys, the last thing you want to be is tongue tied! Oh, and what about the ‘does my butt look big’ question? Easy. “Gads, baby, I loooove your butt!” Even if it has ‘Freightliner’ written all over it!! Remember, guys, we’re driving this bus! Keep’r steady, unrattled… cool…smooth.

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