The Longer They’re Single…

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The Longer They’re Single…

Let’s face it guys, the longer a woman is single, the more likely she is falling into a lifestyle pattern that may be at odds with a long term relationship with you.


While she may claim that she is waiting and holding out for the perfect guy, what is actually happening is that she is developing a single lifestyle that becomes more comfortable to her than any relationship with a man.


Single women who have been “looking” for a long time seem to end up lost in their single lifestyle, almost unable to let anyone in.

  1. Caught up in her career. All too often, single women use their career as an excuse for why they have not been actively trolling the singles scene. Well, that and raising the kids alone. While they already know that having a social life is important, and they usually have one with the ‘girls’, the gratification that comes with a rewarding career, and with good pay, brings a sense of independence that sometimes outweighs the need or desire to hit the mixer at the local lounge to meet men.

  2. Her routine is too rigid. Anyone can see that if you are single for a while, you end up getting into a groove of doing things a certain way. When you are used to doing things your own way, it is much harder to bend a little once someone new comes into your life. While she may claim that she loves guys who are spontaneous, she may be dying inside when you show up at her door unannounced on the night that she likes to eat ice cream in her pajamas and catch up on the shows she has recorded all week!

  3. The dust never settles. If you’ve ever heard a group of single ladies talking at a club or even over dinner, the chances are that you will hear them say “Never again will I settle for anything less than what I want” or “He just didn’t have everything I was looking for.” Well, the longer a gal stays single, she tends to set unrealistic goals for the potential man of her dreams. Once these goals are in place, it becomes very hard for her to look beyond them. Even though Mister Perfect walks her way, there is bound to be something that she will think is totally wrong about him.

Look, most of what has been discussed above can apply to men as well. But still, knowing what women look for in a guy is only half of the battle. It may be best that you remember that the length of time she has been single can give you a clue as to what kind of game you may be entering. If you think she is right for you, definitely check her out and you just might be rewarded in the end.

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