Midlife Men and the Beer Belly

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Midlife Men and the Beer Belly

Ok, midlife men, let’s talk about the ‘beer belly’.  Pleasant topic, I know. Let’s do it anyway.


Beer belly or pot belly is a colloquial term for abdominal obesity or belly fat. Some people attribute the unsightly fat to drinking beer or consuming alcohol. However, we have seen a number of cases where the person has never drunk beer but still develops a beer belly. And in some cases, we see several beer drinkers who do not have the dreaded fat belly.


The excess fat on the abdominal region can be very harmful to your health. This makes you prone to heart ailments, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. The Mayo clinic noted that most women with excess calories would put on weight in the hips and thigh region, but men will most likely gain weight in the abdominal area. Read the article “Beer Bellies: What's Up with your Beer Belly” in Askmen.com.

What causes this condition?

Beer may be a factor but the real culprit is the excess calorie intake. People who consume more than their body needs may find their stomachs bulging. When you have more calories than needed, the fats will settle in various parts of the body such as arms, thighs, hips, and the abdomen. This is the main reason why the abdomen grows bigger than normal.

Excess calories occur if you eat too much. Also, the kind of food you eat matters. Consuming large quantities of food rich in sugar and fats can lead to the calorie surplus dilemma. Improper diet can cause the belly fats.

Beer consumption may actually result in a beer belly, but not because it is named after the beverage but because of its calorie content.


Who may suffer from this condition?

Binge drinkers are at risk for this problem. The excess calorie coming from too much beer will show in their abdomen, giving them the infamous beer belly.

Another reason for the calorie surplus is the lack of exercise. Exercise can burn off unwanted fat in your body. Engaging in a number of physical activities such as walking, climbing the stairs or doing household chores can help burn calories. The exercise will also boost your metabolism. Couch potatoes, time for an exercise plan.

People who are leading a sedentary life such as those sitting in front of computer or TV for long periods of time are prone to develop the beer belly.

What are some options to eliminate beer belly?

The best solution to eliminating beer belly is to lower the calorie intake or to increase calorie-burning activities such as exercise and physical exertion. These solutions, however, will require discipline and a longer time horizon before you get to see some real results.

A faster and effective way of getting rid of stubborn fat around the waistline is through liposuction using a relatively new technique called tumescent liposuction.

Abdominal liposuction is a proven method of removing excess fat from the belly. This is particularly useful for people whose body looks disproportionate due to the localized fat deposits in the abdomen.

Tumescent liposuction is the most popular liposuction technique today, according some experts. In this method of removing fat, a tumescent solution, which is a mixture of salt water, epinephrine and lidocaine, is injected into a small incision in the abdomen. After injecting the solution, a cannula or a surgical straw is inserted. This straw will break through the layers of fat and suck out body fat. The result is a trimmer abdomen.


Not all who suffer from this condition can safely undergo surgical treatment, but it may be a good fit for the midlife male.  Do some research and consult appropriate medical advice to determine what is best for you.


Let’s face it, the beer belly is not only unhealthy, it is also keeps you from presenting the best you possible.



Note:  As always, this kind of content is intended as information only. It is not intended as medical advice. Consult appropriate medical advice when considering medical procedures.

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