Make a Woman Feel Good About You

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Make a Woman Feel Good About You

Recall the movie What Women Want of a few years back with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, where Gibson actually could hear women’s thoughts?


Well, we may wish we knew how to read women’s thoughts directly but that is unlikely to happen. But making a woman feel good about meeting with us is determined early on in a dating experience and unfolds throughout the evening. Let’s talk about a couple of things that almost never fail to put us on the best path possible with a gal?

  1. Appearance matters. She will draw a quick impression of you within the first few seconds of meeting. In those first few seconds she will notice your face, what you’re wearing, how you carry yourself and how you speak. Even if we aren’t born with stellar looks, we can still carry ourselves in a manner that will garner a positive response. Sharply and appropriately dressed, spiffed up shoes and personal grooming are things women notice - finger nails included. In the end, we want her to say to herself, ‘This guy takes care of himself.’
  2. Take the lead. Women still appreciate a man who will ‘take care of things’ for her. This is not to mean that ‘taking charge’ is being bossy and aggressive but it does mean we intend to make sure the evening goes right for our date. That may mean we arrive early so that she is not waiting alone at the restaurant. It means that we will address the wait staff in terms of seating, ordering and special needs, all while consulting with our date. Walking her to her car is part of ensuring her welfare. And, yes, this typically means we will pay for the evening. In the end, we want her to say to herself, ‘I felt cared for by him.’
  3. Make her laugh. Has to rank near the top of women’s desire from a date. We don’t have to be comedians or someone who is cracking jokes all evening, but it does mean we create a light and uplifting experience for the woman through our own brand of humor and wit. In the end, we want her to say to herself, ‘I smile when I think of him.’
  4. Make her feel special. Making her FEEL special is more than words and actions. It is part good manners and part priority of attention. It is reflected in opening doors for her, insisting she go first in ordering, helping her get seated, assisting with her wraps, deferring to her in many aspects of the evening with the genuine intent to elevate her in the eyes of all present. It is actively listening to what she is saying, following up with questions and comments of genuine interest. It is actively drawing her out to talk about herself, her ideas and her hopes. It involves sincere words that say ‘You look lovely this evening’ or ‘You’re a special lady.’ In the end, we want her to say to herself, ‘I felt like a princess this evening.’

Guys, women don’t expect perfection. And they do notice and appreciate our modest attempts to bless them. It is well worth the forethought and effort on our parts to make sure we make these basics part of our dating tool kit. We’ll be memorable if we do.

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