Look and Feel Younger at Any Age

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Look and Feel Younger at Any Age

Let’s face it, we don’t really want to hear someone say to us ‘My, how old you look for your age!’ I mean, seriously.


But have we not met people who seem so young for their age, and the other extreme, so old for their years? People invest large amounts of money in plastic surgery, hair implants and lately, botox to erase the ravages of time.


There are options to be sure. However, there are less dramatic and more effective long-term options available that can lead us to more vibrant and healthy lives. Let’s look at some basics here.

  1. How’s that ‘tude? ‘You’re as old as you feel.’ We’ve all heard that one a few times. But have you assessed your own attitude about your life, in particular, this stage of your life? Do you look forward to each day or are you negative, full of regret and yearning for yesterday? Do you think young? Think possibilities? Enthusiastic about each day or pessimistic and fearful? Get an attitude, my man, a good one! There’s much to look forward to!
  2. Who do you hang out with? Nothing affects your disposition as much as those you regularly hang out with (and where you out). While familiar havens and relationships can offer comfort and security during transitions, they also can hold us back from growing and changing as we need to. Try out some new spaces and some new faces.
  3. What’s in your diet? How we feel is also affected by the food and drink we put into our bodies. This is not only about eating your peas, carrots and lean meats but about our consumption of alcohol, nicotine and any other indulgences we might partake in excess. Excess doesn’t necessarily mean abuse either. I used to drink a glass or two of wine after I got home from work each day. But I noticed it made me lethargic and unmotivated to do much else, except have another. Changed that pattern and my energy recharged so as to do other things in the evening.
  4. How’s your exercise regimen? If your current routine does not involve regular and meaningful exercise, then getting into one will over time change your whole system – physical and emotional. Don’t go out and overdo it, but consistently do something substantive and keep at it.
  5. When did you last rebook your look? If you’re wearing the same duds you wore out of college, or even five or ten years ago, it is probably time for a change. You see, half of who we are is based on how people react to us, the feedback we get from our ‘world’. Consider updating your hairstyle, clothing and eyewear. Doesn’t have to be radical or crazy stuff, just significant. It will change how you feel about YOU!
  6. Growing or growing old? We already know by now that it doesn’t require any effort to grow old – it happens automatically. To live with purpose and with some notion of a legacy in mind, we need to make some things happen intentionally. Maybe it is time to develop a couple of new interests or skills, or perhaps rekindle an interest from long ago. New challenges can get the heart pumping and renewed energy in our step.

There are other rather inexpensive things you can do to enhance your appearance. If your face and hands show considerable wear and tear, consider more serious cosmetic solutions that most dermatologists can talk with you about.

  • Removal of skin tags, blemishes and moles
  • Crèmes, gels and antioxidants that can enhance skin appearance
  • Skin peels and more aggressive topical go even further
  • Manicure or pedicure? Ok, ok, I really pushed it there! I’m thinking I might just do that! I’ll still be a man when I’m through, won’t I?

While we’ve looked at a number of great ways to look and feel younger, nothing can change our appearance more than a happy disposition. Life doesn’t always give us what we asked for or what we think we deserve, but how we react to it is all in our hands. We can be angry, worried or any number of emotions, any one of them justified. But let’s make sure laughter is one of those responses – it can change everything. Live long and prosper.

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