Best Cruises for Every Budget

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Best Cruises for Every Budget

There are lots of misconceptions about cruises – that they’re boring, that they’re overpriced, or that they’re just for senior citizens.


The truth is that the options for cruising are as wide and as varied any other type of tour or vacation. Even for couples (married or not!) there is still a wide variety of options. If you haven’t been on a cruise, you must try it; I do say you should try everything once. Here are a few suggestions for ships to investigate. 

  • Best Cruise for Deluxe Luxury : SeaDream Yacht Club

    SeaDream says that “it’s yachting, not cruising, and you may never want to go on a cruise again.” They might be right – this ship is everything five star possible. They have one of the highest staff to passenger ratios in the business, which is good because they need it to serve up all their luxurious options. How about al fresco dining or the intimate dining alcoves, just for couples? Follow it up with cocktails in the piano bar or the live guitar sessions? And don’t’ miss their signature champagne and caviar BBQ – it really highlights the ‘relaxed luxury’ atmosphere of this ship. 
  • Best Cruise for the Destinations : Regent Seven Seas Voyager

    The voyager has a high standard of deluxe suites, multiple restaurants, casino, theater, and every other amenity that you and your companion would need. But the best part is the destinations; instead of floating about from island to island, the Voyager is a journey in itself. Routes include San Francisco to Auckland, Hong Kong to Cape Town, Florida to Singapore, and London to Stockholm. With all the amazing stops along the way, you’ll have plenty of reason to take advantage of the free unlimited shore excursions along the way before catching a flight back home. 
  • Best Cruise on a Budget : Carnival Miracle

    Carnival is, as the name implies, a party scene. It’s also a family-friendly cruise line, so you need to keep all that in mind. However, it doesn’t mean the end of your romance- in fact, it’s the beginning, as the ship has plenty of “adults only” as well as “adults free” zones, so everyone can get their space. There’s on board wedding chapel should you need it, an adults-only whirpool, and some cosy tables at Nick and Nora’s restaurant (worth it for the surcharge). 
  • Best Cruise for the On Board Amenities : Crown Princess

    Princess Cruises offers great value for money while packing a punch in terms of great amenities and on board experiences. I’d forgive you for spending the entire trip in the Sanctuary, an adults-only section of the ship with a sundeck, swimming pool and whirlpool. You can have a couple’s massage there, or instead the two of you can relax in the Rasul room (a mud steam bath). There’s also a chapel, and the captain’s available for ceremonies if you ask nicely! 
  • Best for a Smaller Ship Experience : The Yachts of Seabourn : Website

    You might find that dealing with a maze of corridors on a mega-carrier unappealing. But for a little extra money you can slim down to a cosy ship – and I suggest the Seabourn. Each of their five yachts only carries about 200 passengers and will whisk you away to destinations such as Machu Picchu, Great Britain, or Arabia. The on board experience is not just small and intimate; in fact, the rooms are roomy and so is the spa. And regardless of which of the on board restaurants you choose, you’re guaranteed imaginative and themed menus and some of the best chefs available at sea.

This little sample of options gets me going just thinking about it. You’ve got to make at least one of these happen in your short-term travel plans.

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